CEO of OnFire Books is awarded book deal with Penguin Random House


OnFire Books often sells books for their Clients. Today, the innovative company was rewarded for its own work. Their CEO, Tammy Kling, was awarded a major book deal with Penguin Random House Publishing Company. Penguin has purchased Tammy’s newest book, The Collaborative Company: The Secrets Behind the Most Successful Innovative Businesses.

Tammy Kling’s newest book will release in the first quarter 2018.

“Words save lives,” says Vice President and Creative Director Tiarra Tompkins. And that’s what we are all about. We have a stringent selection process and we select authors who have an interest in mentoring others in life and business. You don’t need to be famous to write a book with us but you do have to be giving, what we call a 1% er. A world changer. We look forward to bringing you the secrets that will improve and create a more successful business for you and your company.”

On Fire Books is a book creation, marketing and corporate communication company with a strong history of books under their belt. They only work with world changers. Kling will coauthor the book with Pedro De Abreu, a Harvard graduate, who focuses on brain research, and will include interviews with several leading corporate executives and CEOs.

Contact Information:

Tiarra Tompkins

VP, OnFire Books

Phone number: 1-877-806-4921

New York Times Best Selling Author