Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What One Uber Successful Woman Tells Us About Mental Well-being and Our Health

October is breast cancer awareness month.  In honor of this month, we see pink everywhere.  It’s posted on the side on buildings, on football team jerseys, and on the labels of the products we buy every day, but do we honor this month in our personal lives?

I was one of those anti-doctor, all natural green drink people who hadn’t seen a doctor in years until I was asked to write 7 healthcare books. I think I was supposed to learn something! And I did! I radically transformed my thinking.

Prevention, prevention, prevention.

Wayne Anderson in New York, we sat in the publishers office and the doctor said, “90% of cardiovascular disease is preventable.”

Same with vascular disease in general.

Mind blowing!

Here I thought it was just hereditary. I have done a decade of research on super centenarians, and it’s exercise that creates circulation and blood flow.

And studies also show exercise can prevent Alzheimer’s. It is not the crossword puzzles! While the old people are in the nursing homes doing crossword puzzles, you’ll be out running a 5k or taking a nice walk around the block. Exercise heals and scientific studies are continually showing how it regenerates the brain.

Amazing new research shows how even thirty minutes a day of activity can really extend your longevity.

This month I will be speaking to a university that asked me to address their students for Octobers breast cancer awareness month. Pinktober!

I’m not a traditionally pink kind of girl. I wear black. But this month the slogan is Think Pink.

This university has an ongoing health fair all month to educate young women about breast cancer because college students are traditionally stressed, burning the midnight oil, and not focused on prevention. (Aren’t we all!)

Tonight I will talk about mind, body and soul wellness.

What I call, total life prosperity.

Cancer awareness month isn’t just about getting our mammogram but about being aware of the emotional toxins in our lives.

What do you need to let go of?

People, places, and things.

Yesterday. a wealthy model begged me through tears, to write her book. She said, “This is my dying wish.”

As I tell her story to an auditorium filled with college students – I’ll tell them that she has only six weeks left to live. That’s what her doctors predict.

She has breast cancer and it metastasized to her stomach which is now enlarged with tumors.

And in her own words, she said, “Let go, of the bitterness, anger and pain. Because that’s what got me sick.” She had lived with a lifetime of childhood issues, memories, addiction anger, and pain.

I know the women who are reading this are so über successful, and we are all running a million miles an hour.

I just wanted to take a moment to say, go to one of those many free mammo trucks, or go get your mammogram and all your other blood tests too. I recently got a body scan and that was a pretty cool deal. For $500 they show you instantly, your heart, veins, everything.

I’m a natural health freak, and I still do my green drinks, and trail runs.

But now I’ve added another critical focus which is prevention – and uncovering blind spots.

New York Times Best Selling Author