Tammy Kling, Ghost Writer Materializes Bestsellers

Athletes. CEOs. Celebrities. She’s written for them all. And you probably don’t know even her …


I hope everyone takes the time to relax and do something they enjoy over the …

3 Things I Learned from Richard Branson – The Power of Collaboration

When I was invited to dinner with Richard Branson and a few others, I really did not know what to expect. For one, I did not expect to have enough time to truly engage with the legend, but he was so down to earth. He was not full of himself, and he truly is what he appears to be.

We’ve all heard the amazing stories of Mavericks that go it alone. When we hear about people like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, or Bill Gates, we think, What a genius! We illuminate the myth of the college dropout. We think they did it alone.

3 Things I learned from Warren Buffett

I spent a weekend with a legend.

Warren sat beside me in the bleachers at the baseball game, with a peaceful demeanor. There to watch his team, the Omaha Storm Chasers in Nebraska, I learned about his legacy.

Words Change Lives

What would it mean for you to make an impact on the world? Maybe you’re already doing it, or perhaps you’re just now thinking of it, but making a difference is the best way to leave this planet better than you arrived.

Be Influential in Business: Why Influence Is Your Biggest Asset

Is the brand dead? I think it is, and here’s why. Stay with me for …

Change-makers: The Visionary, The Igniter, The Observer. Which One Are You?

Be a change-maker. Be the change. But make sure you’re not just changing because you’re bored or impatient.

The Conversation Event | Creede, Colorado

Words change lives. They can even save lives. Words can restore hope, faith, and life …

Words: How To Use the Power of Words to Ignite Ideas, Leverage Connections, and Influence Others (Introduction)

Words – is a game changer for igniting ideas in lives, organizations, and business. Your words …

Move Over Millennials: Igniters are taking over and they’ve got buying power, tech smarts and swag

For the past few years everyone’s been talking about millennials. Especially millennials. But, if you …

What’s Your Story?

Why is it that authors have influence? For thousands of years, authors and thinkers have …

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What One Uber Successful Woman Tells Us About Mental Well-being and Our Health

October is breast cancer awareness month.  In honor of this month, we see pink everywhere. …

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