Bearing good fruit

I had an encounter recently that reminded me, that it’s not okay just to talk about things. We think, talk, and do. Yet sometimes we just think, talk, preach our beliefs, and forget the doing.

A good tree, bears good fruit.

I love to see those who use their God given talents and gifts to help change the world. Or perhaps a little part of it. Giving a word of love, offering hope. Changing lives, and making an intentional effort to do it each and every day.

My life’s work, is about changing lives.

I am humbled and weak and unfinished, but I know that a continual work is being done in me. A good tree, bears good fruit and I know the fruit of my thoughts, labor, and work is good, and sometimes even great.

There have been other times in my life when the fruit was rotten, thoughts toxic, and relationships circling like vultures to nowhere. Times years back, when I stepped off of the path, into the ditch.

A bad tree has fruit that is rotten. It falls to the ground, and stinks everything up.

What is it we are planting, and sowing? The good fruit, is love, joy and peace, and it’s evident for all to see.

This is one of the messages within the book The Compass. If you’re in the Dallas area Friday June 26th, please stop by the Barnes N Noble at 615p to heckle me, cheer me, or simply be amused, at the Book signing for The Compass.

Be blessed today! Thanks for tuning in…

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