March Madness


I was asked recently to be in a video with Trent Shelton, who has millions of followers. He’s a spoken word artist, and his audience is diverse.


I was acting in this video,

(which isn’t really my gifting, to say the least) but I said yes to the adventure – and spent a day filming.


As I listened to Trent’s words over, and over and over and over, and over again, (And then over once more! in take after take)


I saw my little boy across the room, watching and absorbing like a sponge, and I couldn’t help but feel as if that the day was meant to be.




How can your brand and business benefit from cross pollination with others outside your industry?


In my mind, words are words.  No matter how you like them delivered – in a book or online or in this video – words are currency.


Watch it and let me know what you think!


To your legacy,


Tammy Kling

The Future: How Virtual Reality tech can help us connect

No matter who you are or what industry you’re in, technology can impact it in a positive light.

At The Conversation Event, the only large gathering that resembles a mastermind conference of business leaders that I commit to each year, Virtual Reality will make an appearance for the first time ever.

Why tech, why now, in 2017, at an event designed to ignite divergent ideas?

It’s become popular for parents to diss tech, and the perceived negative impact it has in their pre teens, yet when their children were toddlers, they plopped the iPad on the floor in front and marveled in amazement, telling friends about their child’s amazing tech savvy skills.

Tech has become something to celebrate and hate all at the same time, but I say let’s think differently – and treat tech as we do food or relationships or anything else.


It’s your choice how addictive you’d like to get.


Let’s manage it, and joyfully embrace it.


At The Conversation, a once a year once in a lifetime (if you’re lucky enough to be chosen) gathering of 100 hand picked world changers in a forest, the focus is on a face to face connection – absent of conference speakers, agendas, up sells, and fluorescent lights.

The event is so exclusive that media and pre press promotion is not allowed, celebrities are not announced in advance and autographs are discouraged. The event focuses on bold radical divergent conversations in the 4 quadrants of life and business.


You won’t see any tech there, and the forest backdrop brings everyone to the heart of who they are.


The circle around the campfire creates warmth and familiarity, like an upscale camping dinner with friends. And the conversation topic in each specific circle is like an arrow straight to the heart. The event is decidedly un – technology so why add in an element of Virtual Reality?


The Power of Tech to Connect


One new conversation circle added this year is titled: Virtual Reality


As individuals rotate to this conversation they’ll experience a high level think tank unlike any other utilizing virtual reality. The topic crosses brain mind soul action barrier – in a 4D integration of conversation on your reality, versus reality. What are your blind spots? How does virtual reality open our mind to innovation in specific industries and processes and client management and delivery?

I personally can’t wait until we have virtual reality integrated into many of the things we do. We will be adding the VR component to our client experience in 4Q 2017.

It doesn’t have to be everything, but there are so many ways I can see it adding value to our lives.


The first of which is to advance intellectual capacity and innovation. Simply put: to make us smarter.


#1: Divergent learning


When you can make learning fun, people will want to learn. If learning is fun in school and 3 and 4 dimensional versus just one human talking to a row of kids in desks, kids will want to learn.


My business is all about learning. I’m in the $11 billion self improvement industry which is centered on learning, growth, and leadership. It’s been as solid an infantry and investment as real estate has been for thousands of years, because there will always be earth, and minds. The human mind has an infinite capacity to grow.


90% of what I do is centered on legacy and leadership. We work to help entrepreneurs build their businesses, using innovation and divergent thinking.


#2: Connectivity


How can VR make businesses better?


It’s all about connection.


In the dental industry for instance, there are two obstacles that practices face. One is the fear and negativity associated with going to the dentist. In a pediatric practice, the dental office that becomes the first to incorporate virtual reality can offer virtual reality headsets in the waiting room to show a procedure to be “live” and interesting, using a well written virtual reality script.

This is a game changer.

Think about it. What does the average waiting room look like today? A waiting room.


When else in your life and day, do you sit in a space that even remotely resembles a waiting room?


I suppose a bigger question is – why would a dental office have a waiting room that looks like an area the average human never ever sits in? Is that a way to create a connection? Or an obstacle?


It’s my job to think differently.

Using Virtual reality we wouldn’t just “offer it” or “have it laying there” in the waiting room like video games. The VR would actually be incorporated into part of the on boarding process.

Words are currency, and at my company we are embarking on a path to create virtual reality partnerships, to write and develop and produce scripts that can literally transform industries, and infuse non tech industries with technology that helps people understand things better.


How could virtual reality enhance the life of an elderly patient whose joy or hobby was as a former casual skier every Christmas with family, yet is now stuck inside a bed at a facility most of the time and hasn’t seen the light of day on a ski slope or mountain views in years?


Imagine being the one assisted living facility organization in an entire industry that embraced innovation to offer millennials, and younger families (who actually have already embraced new technology anyways) a chance to give their aging parents or grandparents the ability to experience the things they can no longer do? Imagine.


If I was the CEO of an elderly care facility reading this, I think the first person I’d call is me. I’m waiting.


Currently businesses find a variety of ways to serve clients.


We send physical gifts to specific prospects and our tipping point people from time to time as a way to show them we care.


Another thing we do is create divergent books. This is a new leadership category and we are always interested in the most innovative offerings. Bringing Virtual Reality into our client book, leadership, and people development process is a new aspect of customer service that we’re about to embark on.


Virtual reality is an industry we are ready to embrace.


See you in the future. It’s already here.




Entrepreneurs hold a special place in my heart. When they come to me for a book about life or business, I know I’m going to learn something.

This new book hit #1 on the Amazon bestsellers list.


jay rodgers book cover



It required several conversations and fun lunch meetings with the author to create it. Jay is a Texas businessman who included incredible stories about his wins and deals and partnerships in a lively, short read. The one takeaway I’ll always remember is “entrepreneurs ask”.


I’m not good at asking, and I need to be better at it. Jay taught me the importance of asking for what you need and want.


How about you? If you’d like to share your story in 2017, message me!


Do you know anyone who you think should write a book?


Please forward this post to them!


And, if you’d like a free copy of Jay’s book or a surprise copy of one of our other books, email me today.


To your legacy,

Tammy Kling

What are your top three goals and aspirations for 2017?

What are your top three goals and aspirations for 2017?

Now is the time for contemplating such things as we enter the New Year, and it can be difficult to pinpoint what to focus on.

 How can we accelerate results in life and business?

Most people have business goals centered around increasing income, achieving greater results, and strengthening relationships with your kids and developing families.



As you prepare to live out your 2017 vision, be inspired to establish goals in all 4 quadrants – Faith, Family, Finances and Fitness.

What’s true success mean to you? In the book Overrated by Eugene Cho, he points out that Jesus didn’t ever say “Well done, my good and successful Servant.” In Matthew 25:21 He said “Well done, my faithful servant.” Something to contemplate as we set our goals for this new year.

To your legacy,

Tammy Kling

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What’s your biggest dream?


What’s your biggest dream?


This is a question worth contemplating.


We have all had dreams since childhood, some crazy, and some realistic.

When I was 9, I wanted to be a lion tamer. Looking back, I suspect it

wasn’t about the lions at all, but about courage and validation.


Many dreams are rooted in a desire to be somebody.




Other people have let their dreams die inside them, yet don’t even know it.


They go forth in mundane routine year after year, only really tasting the dream again when the experience of what causes them to feel alive. What was that rush of adrenaline or joy that I felt? Ah, it may have been the resurrection of a lost dream.

I love working with world changers. These humans have done great things with their lives, some often in ministry and business for decades creating companies with impact. Samuel Bistrian, the CEO of Roma boots, gives thousands of boots to orphans. Chi Chi Rodriguez has a center for orphans and underserved youth. Darryl Strawberry has a drug treatment program. And Jennifer McAlister wrote a book so she could give it to the pregnant girls she ministers to.


What’s your dream?


Make a list today of the 5 biggest dreams you’ve had for your life past and present. Include dreams you’d live if money were abundant and fear wasn’t an obstacle.

I’ve seen a 90-year-old who wrote their very first book, and get an MBA. It’s never too late. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 80.

It’s never too late to live your radical truth and step out on faith.


To your legacy,

Tammy Kling


P.S. For the most amazing pattern interrupt ever check out this exclusive event and apply to attend The Conversation Event.


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Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story