What’s your biggest Dream?


This is a question worth contemplating.


We have all had dreams since childhood, some crazy, and some realistic. When I was 9, I wanted to be a lion tamer. Looking back, I suspect it wasn’t about the lions at all, but about courage and validation.



I love working with world changers. These humans have done great things with their lives, some often in ministry and business for decades creating companies with impact. Samuel Bistrian, the CEO of Roma boots, gives thousands of boots to orphans. Chi Chi Rodriguez has a center for orphans and underserved youth. Darryl Strawberry has a drug treatment program. And Jennifer McAlister wrote a book so she could give it to the pregnant girls she ministers to.


What’s your dream?


Make a list today of the 5 biggest dreams you’ve had for your life past and present. Include dreams you’d live if money were abundant and fear wasn’t an obstacle.

I’ve seen a 90-year- old who wrote their very first book, and get an MBA. It’s never too late. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 80.


It’s never too late to live your radical truth and step out on faith.


To your legacy,


Tammy Kling


OnFire Books Leadership Company



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The Power of Influence

“Can I introduce you to a publisher?” I asked a client today.
He’s a consultant in the healthcare industry and a young Doctor with an incredible new business model, book, and plan for the future to change a lot of lives.
“Yes,” he said. “But I can’t on the 5th, because it’s my son’s birthday and I want to dedicate that day to my son.”
To all the fathers who are true leaders, congratulations.
One of the best traits a leader can have is intentionality in leading. This is at the heart of everything we do. We help create a permanent legacy on paper, in videos and media. How? By identifying intentional traits and leadership philosophies that will be talked about for a thousand generations.
Fathers are at the heart of everything I do. My company was born from the idea of capturing a father’s legacy. My own father died when I was young, and I always wished I had his advice and wisdom to get me through the hardest times of college, relationships and young adulthood. If he’d had left behind a book, it would have been the first thing I read.
When a CEO comes to me with a book idea, I encourage them to consider that their children will read it one day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
Leadership is about identifying the top traits you’d like leave behind in this world.Thank you, fathers, for being the ones to lead your kids with integrity, strength, and wisdom.
To all of our clients, partners and friends – Happy Father’s Day!
We celebrate you!
Tammy and the team at OnFire Books Leadership Company

What’s Your Life and Business Legacy?

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms or legs but has emerged as a leader and speaker with 40 million followers , who travels the world impacting millions of lives. The thing I love most about him is his heart and his radical passion to give back. His legacy – is changing lives.

Nick is a reminder to each one of us that it doesn’t matter what your shortcomings are. Whether you were raised rich or poor, with a disability or not, your struggle is the fuel that can help someone through theirs.

Some of the greatest leaders in the world come from impoverished circumstances or backgrounds of abuse and struggle. I’ve found them to be quite diverse and fascinating as leaders who can courageously overcome any obstacle placed in front of them.

What’s your leadership legacy?

Don’t allow the residue or limitations of the past impact your future. It’s all part of the process.

To your legacy,

Tammy Kling

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Goals: Tips for Acceleration in 2017

One of the things that CEO, strategist and Coach Tony Jeary always inspires me to do is focus on our HLAs.

HLA means High Leverage Activity.

This one tip can literally accelerate and transform your goals this quarter.

Here’s some tips to get clarity:

#1: Identify your HLA.

What is that one activity that if you laser focus on it will leverage everything else you do? What is it that is most important to you in this first quarter of 2017?


#2: Block time on your calendar right now, each and every day, to focus on your HLA. 

The distinction is that instead of focusing on your daily activities and meetings you are actually providing energy and fuel into this one priority.

Tony learned a lot of what he teaches from his mentors. I recall meeting Zig Ziglar and a lot of other great minds through Tony. Today he coaches some of the world’s top CEOs including the CEOs of Ford and Walmart. We have worked on several projects with his clients and his concept of gaining clarity helped me compress my time frame on writing a book.


To your legacy,

Tammy Kling

Why Not Now?

Seeing the images of beaches and smiling faces this week all over Facebook reminds me to look you in the eyes and ask you the important question.


Why not now?


Why can’t every week be just like spring break?


The truth is, it can.


Every day can be just like spring break.

Sure, there’s some people who receive this message who have already cracked the code. They have no limits, no bed time, no setting the alarm for 5 am to make a long commute they hate to work under fluorescent lights.


But for many, the daily grind continues. Stress, overworking, seeing the kids between 6 and 8pm – two hours a day with the ones they love most. Two hours a day with humans who aren’t going to be in the house for very long.


Why do people do this? I’ll never know.


Because there’s a better way.


I don’t know what your exit strategy is.


I left the corporate world 15 years ago and stepped into a whole new world. The world of freedom, of owning my own day, time, and schedule. It’s radically changed the outcome for our family.



Why not invest in yourself and your family today in order to make a significant life change?


Join us for The Conversation and we will talk about how you can ignite change. Let’s create your exit strategy. Click Here, and sign up today, to join us for 1 night in a forest – on Oct 6 in Dallas.


To your Legacy,


Tammy Kling


New York Times Best Selling Author

Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story