Are you ready for growth?


Sometimes there’s a dream within the dream.

It’s hidden inside, so you might not even see it. Look closer.

Entrepreneurs and executives set life and business goals for their lives, and then once we achieve them, we set higher goals.

Yet sometimes, there’s a far more magnificent dream that comes along with the one you were trying to achieve. You have achieved the goal, and then you’ve gained something even bigger – like perhaps a new city, or relationship, or an entirely new revenue stream or group of friends.

I experienced this in two ways when I traveled to Colorado for the Creede mountain run. I’m an avid mountain and trail runner, but not because I like to exercise. I’m a trail runner because I achieved a dream of having a child, and then after that I needed a solution to get my body back. So I began running and discovered a magnificent new lifestyle of running in the woods like a child. Now when I write or coach a client, we often do it on the trail. There was a dream within the dream. When Reebok asked me to write about their running shoes, it was yet another huge goal I had wanted to achieve – but in the future – and I had not anticipated that it would just happen. But it did. Because of my lifestyle, they contacted me.

How about you?

As we approach 2017 and you contemplate your personal and business goals, don’t set limits on what’s possible. Want to live on the ocean? Build your business around that dream and do it. Want to live in two or three cities? Talk to your family, modify the way you life, learn, and work and take the leap of faith.

You can build your life so that your life long dreams and business intersect.

And that will ensure that you experience dreams within the dream – meaning that when you set specific, tangible goals, you will also experience accelerated and unexpected growth.

Are you prepared for it?


To your legacy,

Tammy Kling

New York Times Best Selling Author