CEO of OnFire Books is awarded book deal with Penguin Random House



OnFire Books often sells books for their Clients. Today, the innovative company was rewarded for its own work. Their CEO, Tammy Kling, was awarded a major book deal with Penguin Random House Publishing Company. Penguin has purchased Tammy’s newest book, The Collaborative Company: The Secrets Behind the Most Successful Innovative Businesses.


Tammy Kling’s newest book will release in the first quarter 2018.


“Words save lives,” says Vice President and Creative Director Tiarra Tompkins. And that’s what we are all about. We have a stringent selection process and we select authors who have an interest in mentoring others in life and business. You don’t need to be famous to write a book with us but you do have to be giving, what we call a 1% er. A world changer. We look forward to bringing you the secrets that will improve and create a more successful business for you and your company.”


OnFire Books is a book creation, marketing and corporate communication company with a strong history of books under their belt. They only work with world changers. Kling will coauthor the book with Pedro De Abreu, a Harvard graduate, who focuses on brain research, and will include interviews with several leading corporate executives and CEOs.


Contact Information:

Tiarra Tompkins

VP, OnFire Books

Phone number: 1-877-806-4921

What’s your life and business legacy?

Everything in life begins with a conversation.


Businesses, relationships, movements. You could have the greatest idea in the world, but if you do not connect and have a conversation with others, your idea remains stagnant. The Conversation is a gathering of 100 World Changers. An intentional event to come together to ignite ideas.


Words change lives.


Words aren’t just words. They are your legacy to help mentor others to find solutions long after you are gone. 


In business – words are critical. They are the engine that delivers your message and builds your brand.


What’s your legacy? Click the video below to see former NFL player, John Haggerty and others talk about theirs. Join The Conversation:

What’s your legacy?

Mine, is using words to save lives. Not just change lives, but save them.


I met a homeless man once who told me to “rip off the rear view mirror,” and keep on driving.


He had done that in his own life and finally found peace from all of his troubles. He had been abandoned by his father on the side of the road when he was a child, and could still remember that day. One of the blessings in my role here at OnFire Books is to help people like him rewrite their story. When we can see a brighter perspective, we can change our lives and the lives of those around us.

Often times it’s a CEO who comes to me to build a corporate book, yet the process is still the same.


Writing is an internal journey through the broken and strong walls of your heart. At Medstar, the executive I wrote the corporate book with explained how his father had died in front of him from a heart attack when he was a teenager. This one life changing event turned him towards a career in rescue, as he trained to become a paramedic and then an executive running an ambulance company.


And it was the same for me. I turned to a career of rescue after a career of rescue. From airline emergency response team leader, working an airplane crash in the jungle of Colombia, to an entrepreneur author who uses words to save lives. If you have ever sat with someone who was in serious need of rescue and counseled them, you understand 

how powerful words can be.


I find that during the writing process it isn’t just the audience we save, or transform, but the author himself or herself, as they journey through the hard obstacles and memories of their past. People often come to us to write a book during a critical crossroads in their life.


Either they’ve survived a great success or failure, and they’ve learned from it. One author sold her company for $50 million and now teaches entrepreneurs how to build, be all in, and create a larger business. Other authors like Jenny come after surviving cancer, while athletes, coaches, and CEOS who are at the top of their game, need a book to build a brand beyond just their existing career.


When the game is over, you are who you are, and not what you do.


Legacy isn’t a career. I love this book process because it helps individuals break down their stories, experience, and philosophy. I love helping people discover their legacy.


Chi Chi Rodriguez told me recently that golf was just a tool. Just the tool for him to live out his legacy to help change the lives of kids and orphans here on earth.


What’s your legacy?

Tammy Kling, Ghost Writer Materializes Bestsellers

Athletes. CEOs. Celebrities.

She’s written for them all. And you probably don’t know even her name.

But the most amazing story from this exceptional author — may be her own.

Tammy Kling is a ghost writer.

This wife and mother of two has written for 90 different authors and counting.

The most recent book she penned for Wayne Scott Anderson called Discover Your Optimal Health just hit the New York Times bestseller list.

“I just finished my 103rd book. Last week I had a #1 best seller. And that wasn’t even my goal.”

Her current collaboration is with David Cook, a 69-year-old retired billionaire turned-race track owner in Decatur.
Kling’s helping him with his third book.

“This has given me an opportunity I have always wanted to write,” explained Cook. “It’s a passion, but it’s a message to people to see things in a different way.

It’s that passion that Kling helps people put to paper.

“Think about all the things people suffer through that they don’t get it out,” posed Kling. “Writing is one way to get it out. Whether you are writing a book or a legacy or just your emotions it’s one way of getting it out. I know it saved my life.”


Kling started writing when she was just seven years old.

“When my father committed suicide, I started journaling. That last moment I saw him, why didn’t I have the right words? So now every single book I write whether it’s for client or myself, has to fit that criteria. It has to change a life.”

Those journals let to her first book called “The Compass.”

Kling wants her experience to help others.

She conducts writing workshops for homeless children and gang members; giving everyone a journal.

“I try to teach them the process to writing out all their emotions so they don’t act out their emotions,” Kling explained.

She also hires the homeless to help transcribe audio files.

“So they come out of homeless shelter, go to library, transcribe the document, email it back, and I can turn it into a chapter.”

It’s Kling’s way of of giving back, hoping to inspire people to live their dreams just as she is living hers.

“When it’s just a calling and you wake up each day… I mean, I can’t believe I get paid for this. So that’s when you know it’s your calling.”

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I hope everyone takes the time to relax and do something they enjoy over the weekend.  When we reach the halfway point in each week, we can notice notice some internal fires beginning to fade out. I hope these words will be the spark needed to to pursue each day OnFire, and lead you to make an impact on the lives around you.


Over the weekend, I watched a documentary about a man who served twenty-one years on Death Row, convicted of a crime where DNA testing has since proven his innocence. The words from this man, Nicholas Yarris, struck me with such intensity, they’ve become laced within my thoughts for the past several days. His story impacted me for two reasons.


The first being the way Nicholas found freedom in the power of words. He read a thousand books in three years and taught himself 40-50 words a day bridging the gap between a limited vocabulary, and a healthier mindset.


The second reason was hearing how one prison guard, who is just one human like you and me; in one soul guided moment, said one sentence, “Yarris, go into that cell and grab those books.” Nicholas’s  life changed at that moment. Even in the last days of his incarceration, when all of his belongings were taken from him, his mind and heart knew how to rewrite this moment, and his entire story. He was sad, at first, that everything was gone from his cell, but he decided that they unintentionally did him a favor.


“If you’re gonna take everything from me, Ok. Then instead, I think I’ll give myself everything.”



Nicholas began to dream and rewrite the life he was going to have after he walked out of his cell. That life he dreamed is the life he is living now. I am honored to be a part of a company with ongoing projects in a local prison; where the inmates receive coaching focused on writing out their stories and teaching them to transform that story into a legacy life.



I remember once telling a friend how fascinated I am by the myriad of brokenness we all face. Likewise, the different methods people use to either live with it or grow from it. Few people will make a deliberate, conscious choice to rewrite the worst experience one could fathom, into a catalyst of the most amazing experience one could only design from the far corners of their imagination. While pain may connect us, it’s hope that is the change agent setting hearts ablaze. That is what connects a thirty-something-year-old single mother, or a best-selling author to a homeless person on the streets of  Dallas when we reach out to these precious, fragile lives, teaching them that they can rewrite their story.

Written by Lindsay Weir – Writer/Editor OnFire Books


New York Times Best Selling Author

Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story