Love | Words Are Currency

Words are currency.
And sometimes the fewer you use, the greater the velocity.
Think about the power of just a few words, strung together.
You can do it.
Think differently.
Anything is possible.
You’re beautiful.
You have a great smile.
I love your brain.
Thank you for your wisdom.
I respect you.
As we enter into this holiday of love, on February 14, remember that each and every day you can give love. Build a life and business around serving others and giving love and you’ll live the happiest life you can live.
This is not some fluffy psycho babble theory, this is truth. Great cultures are built on authenticity, kindness, and love. Results come, when people love what they do. And people will do anything for you, if they know you love and respect them. Just ask some of the greatest leaders in the world.
Leaders like Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Branson, Kelleher, Martin Luther King Jr., and mother Theresa who used words to inspire. Leaders like you.
Use your words.
Love wins.


How to use a book to sell your business

Whether you’ve already written a book or hoped to, it can be the best thing you ever did in your life.
I have never written a book with anyone who said they wish they hadn’t. Besides the thrill of walking into a bookstore and seeing your book on the shelf, it’s a legacy.
Books change lives.
Not only other peoples but your own. When you write your book and record your legacy, you recall deep seeded memories. Sometimes that’s a catharsis that leaves grown men, successful CEOs, and entrepreneurs, weeping.
I’ve sat in many a CEOs office while they wept about an unexpected memory from their past. But the best of books do that. A book offers an opportunity to leave behind the life lessons that only your own brain has synthesized. You have a collection of thoughts, you have read books in the past, and you have a kaleidoscope of moments and experiences.
When they all integrate and collided in the process of running a book, it’s an invention unlike any other. It’s like Thomas Edison with the lightbulb. Sure, we’ve all heard many of the same ideas from great minds such as Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchhill or corporate leaders such as Richard Branson. But the way your own mind, heart, and soul, synthesizes that material, and puts together the pieces of the puzzle is completely different than the way any other human would do it.
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Books change lives. Leave behind a legacy and see how your business transforms. When a leader or an entrepreneur writes a book, it brings out an entirely new layer. I’ve seen CEOs who transform from stiff businessman into authors, speakers, and wisdom givers because of the book.
This is what it might look like now, but once we pull it all together, it’s a beautiful thing.
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I have seen a CEO print 60,000 books for his client families, in order to transform generations with words. I have seen other entrepreneurs and speakers take the top 10 life lessons that they would give their children and put it into a book in order to transform lives in mentor others.
Think about your legacy. And capture it in words.

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Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story