The One Currency That All Extraordinary Leaders Have In Common

How much margin time do you have built into your life?

I often write about currency. When I was asked to give a TED talk I delivered it on words as currency.

It was a unique perspective for most and I received hundreds of comments, emails and letters about it. I said that words are just as important as the dollars in your bank account because words build or destroy, words can transform nations, start or stop wars – and save lives.

How to write your own book: A guide for entrepreneurs

Hundreds of lost and distraught people. Tammy Kling was in the jungles of Colombia leading a team of airline crisis workers working on a crash. The airline she worked for had lost a jet on a mountain in Buga and passenger recovery was underway…

This was the biggest test in corporate communications and crisis management of her career. Her heart, she said, would break and heal at once as she helped those families overcome grief.


Unfortunately, only four people survived the plane crash and the hundreds who had lost their families didn’t quite know it yet. On the top of that, Kling had just discovered her family. Kling was raised an only child after her father committed suicide when she was seven. The week she was in Colombia, she found her two brothers. The aloneness, and realization that she would never have a chance to know her father, combined with the joy of finding brothers, and then the children that would never know their fathers, crystallized inside her heart. She knew she had to write about it. And she did.

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Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story