Social Equity – Not Social Media (Fix this and double your earnings!)

Social Equity – Not Social Media (Fix this and double your earnings!)

It’s popular to talk about social media.  But companies (and your relationships) are built on social equity.  I’m in the business of words. I write intentional books with a core message and build corporate communications plans. The first question I ask a CEO is, “What’s our message? What are we going for?” Once we’re done crafting the message, they bring in the social media big guns to promote it and create buzz.  But I’ve got a wee bit of an issue with that general strategy, which I see so often today.

Here’s why.  Being that I’m in the business of words, I believe that no matter who you are, whether you’re a small business owner or a large company CEO, what you say matters. What’s more, what the people who work for you say, matters.  Ask the owner of the PR firm who employed Justine Sacco about the ramifications of her disastrous tweet.  Ask the investment advisor who lost a million dollar client because she promoted her pro-abortion views on Facebook.  Now, here’s the conundrum.  You cannot control what your employees say on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram during their off-time. Or can you ?  I say you can.  First, you can hire character. And second, you can coach and train your employees in the power of words and communication standards rather than simply training them how to use social media.  Social media is simply putting content out into the stratosphere. It’s advertising — and most of your employees don’t do it very well.

Not only that, they may not understand that there’s just 2 degrees of separation among friends and even if a client isn’t a “friend” on Facebook or other sites, they may have access to your information.  How many millions of dollars have to be quietly lost for everyone to understand that it’s not social media that matters – it’s social equity.  Yes, I’d venture to say that we can guide employees how to communicate with power and excellence.  I show individuals why it’s empowering to keep political and other personal or radical views private. How? I coach them through a one hour seminar on building social equity with clients.  What you invest in will grow. How you and your team talk, write, post, pin and tweet is unequivocally tied to revenue. Will you invest in your social equity?

Words are Currency

Words are Currency

I’m in London today writing a book for a world changer. He’s got a lifetime of experience in business and now he’s ready to write a legacy book that will transform lives.

Words are currency. The words you use in writing, whether it’s in a text, email or book, can change and even save a life.

When I was asked to deliver a TEDx talk, I said that no matter who you are –
whether you’re a scientist, a CEO or a writer like me – words determine how much influence you have on this earth.

Words can build and words can destroy. The words you choose can incite violence or inspire peace.
What kind of words do you use to talk yourself?

I write books about such topics as healthcare, business, leadership, transformation and culture.

Words are a corporate leader’s way of communicating ideals to clients. And how about internal communication – words meant to educate, unite and inspire employees?

Corporate communications is one of the biggest assets within a business.

I’m in the right business for the next decade. Words don’t go out of style.

Be powerfully intentional about your words.

Do so not only in business, but in your personal life, on Facebook and Twitter, and

with your loved ones, your children and your friends.

What words do you use?

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Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story