Reflecting on 2013: A World of Possibility

Sometimes we get so focused in our own backyard that we forget the possibilities of the world around us. Ten years ago when I wrote a book it was for an American audience. Today I write for an international market and coach my author, speaker, CEO clients to do the same. When you write a book, sell your services, or develop your new business plan, think outside those international, markets you’d normally target. Today some of our biggest readership markets are in the Middle East, and eastern Europe. Last year one of my books was very popular in Hungary and Israel. Think of the possibilities! Truth is, anything is possible. My Holland publisher sat with me over tea at the Browns hotel in London and said; “In America publishing is struggle, but in Holland it’s thriving. We still love books!”

Last week siting in an American CEOs office, I coached him to think differently about the message we’d send to his readers when we blogged, wrote articles, and published his company book. We will be using words that reach a market he doesn’t even have yet. Eastern European countries, and a country in Asia. These are fast growing countries, but until now they haven’t been on his radar screen. What market are you thinking about for 2013? Think no box.

New York Times Best Selling Author