Reflecting on 2013: A World of Possibility

Sometimes we get so focused in our own backyard that we forget the possibilities of the world around us. Ten years ago when I wrote a book it was for an American audience. Today I write for an international market and coach my author, speaker, CEO clients to do the same. When you write a book, sell your services, or develop your new business plan, think outside those international, markets you’d normally target. Today some of our biggest readership markets are in the Middle East, and eastern Europe. Last year one of my books was very popular in Hungary and Israel. Think of the possibilities! Truth is, anything is possible. My Holland publisher sat with me over tea at the Browns hotel in London and said; “In America publishing is struggle, but in Holland it’s thriving. We still love books!”

Last week siting in an American CEOs office, I coached him to think differently about the message we’d send to his readers when we blogged, wrote articles, and published his company book. We will be using words that reach a market he doesn’t even have yet. Eastern European countries, and a country in Asia. These are fast growing countries, but until now they haven’t been on his radar screen. What market are you thinking about for 2013? Think no box.

Selling Fear: How Companies Use Emotion-Based Marketing to Capture Market Share

Humans are a bundle of emotions. Every individual buying decision can be pinpointed to an emotion. You want something, because it fills an emotional need. Humans buy based on dormant drivers, such as fear, lust, desire, need, hunger, sadness, love, and adventure. Emotion based selling works.

Apple sells the experience. Their Why – is thinking differently. Volvo sells safety.

Both are rooted in experience based selling and engagement with the heart. The Volvo message at the core, is rooted in fear. No, that’s not why people buy one. Not on the surface anyways. But parents who own Volvos have a deep intrinsic attachment to Volvo, because they’re buying a safe ride for their family. Starbucks sells the happy emotion of comfort and a social meeting place experience, not the coffee, and Jeep sells adventure to suburban moms who drive it to the mall. But hit the mountain bike trail, and you won’t see a jeep. I love the jeep, and I love the trail. Leaving my neighborhood in suburbia, you’ll see the jeep. At the trail you will see muddy cars, toyotas, SUVs of all sizes, but rarely a Jeep. The Jeep image is about adventure and their followers are cultish, like Apple. Just stepping into the Jeep gives them that feeling of adventure.

What emotional attachment have you created to your consumer? Apple connects with the heart and mind. The individual. Want proof? Apple followers don’t care if the company they work for is PC exclusive. They have ipads and Macs and iphones anyways. Why does an executive at any company walk into Apple and buy from a kid with blue hair and a nose ring? It’s because there’s a bit of the blue haired kid in each of us. Apple slogan: think differently. All Apple users including me believe that we think differently. We think out of the box or no box. Apple has done a great job creating that tribe.

If you want to be like Apple you have to be like Apple. Think differently. Stop telling people what to buy and why (features and benefits) and start connecting with their heart. If you want a little bite of the Apple, connect your consumer to a larger, deeper, more altruistic meaning. What can you really, authentically do for them? This is where a professional writer comes in. Speakers and consultants who hire me to craft their brand or write PR articles and blogs for them, aren’t just speakers. They’re changing peoples lives. That’s authentic, and true. Their worse, create transformation and inner healing. One Corporation I’m working with, sells a vacation destination. But I say they offer you far more, than just the features and benefits of a beautiful sky, and a place to fly to with your family. They offer you Freedom. Freedom is different than a product, a service or a destination. Freedom is something every soul craves.

The Most Powerful Man in the World

This weekend I had the honor of speaking at a royal wedding. It was attended by papparazi, flashing bulbs, dignitaries, authors, music industry types, and people who had flown in from all over the globe.

The groom is the most influential speaker in the world.
He gets millions of hits on YouTube.

When I’m with him in public, we are swarmed by people asking for his autograph. You’d think he was Obama, Russell Brand, or Beckham. But he’s even more powerful than that. His brand is strength. His message is power. And when you meet him, you realize anything is possible.

When he speaks, people listen. Check out his statistics.

He has many Facebook pages and each one gets from 40,000-100,000 likes. His YouTube videos are off the charts. His book is a best seller. His speaking engagements are sold out. In Asia, his fees can rival a president. My clients are speakers, and no other speaker can top him. Not the greats of the past, like Zig Ziglar, or even the rising young stars of today. When they talk about the “it” factor, Nick’s just got it.

The wedding ceremony was at the Donald Trump golf club in California. The couple exchanged vows on the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.

When the wedding planner stopped at my table and tapped me on the shoulder, asking me to say a few words about the couple, I scrambled for words. I’m a writer, author, and coach. Not a speaker. I work with 1 per centers, a term I use to define world changers.

When Time magazine prints their next influential person cover, I’m voting for Nick Vujicic, as the most influential person of our time. In 2012, Nick finished his second book, recorded his second music video, and will address audiences of millions in stadiums across the globe. He’s met politicians, celebrities, and dignitaries. He’s been featured in commercials, land was the star of a Hyundai commercial during the World Cup soccer championship. If you don’t know who he is, I’d have to ask you what cave you’ve been dwelling in. In this next decade, Nick will be making movies, writing books, and saving lives.

When I coach my speaker friends through the process of building a brand like Nicks they don’t listen. They do it their own way. So even the top speaker after Nick has less than half of his presence, views, and opportunity. Large corporate sponsors, check him out. If you want to double your business, and reach the heart of your consumer, this is your spokesman. Nick Vujicic. Speaker, businessman, husband, guru, teacher, friend.

When I stepped on stage after the wedding, I talked about how their love blossomed at my home in Texas, as my sons (the ring bearers) watched. It was a true fairy tale for the most influential man in the world.

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Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story