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New life, new year.
A few points to ponder/ things I’ve learned along the way. Unlike Letterman’s list, there are only 6.

1: Success isn’t monetary. Sure, this seems obvious to most. But let’s really redefine achievement and what it means in this new year. I’ve met a lot of homeless people who are richer in character, love, and peace, than those living in the largest mansions.

2: Love and peace, are major assets in your life. Perhaps the two best you can possess.

3: Corinthians confirms this. “The greatest of these is Love…”
Can you imagine? He places love over even Faith in God. Read it.

4: If people say they want you, love you, and need you, make sure that what they’re saying lines up with what they’re doing. Maybe mom was right. Actions really do speak louder than words. Same with your business life. Make sure words and actions are congruent. If you’re confused, cut your losses and move on to a higher level of living and peace will be your reward. This requires a bit of sacrifice, perhaps loss, and pain, most of the time.

5: Congruency is the greatest challenge of mankind. But when our thoughts, words, and actions are all in alignment, your body mind and soul are at peace. Otherwise, there’s conflict. As Paul wrote, I do what i do not want to do. Ever done that before?

6: Adventure might provide adrenaline, and so does angst. But overall we should seek Peace, not Justice. That was one of the greatest lessons someone taught me last year. You cannot put a price on peace.

Happy New Year, friends.
Love, Tammy


  1. Hi Tammy, I am reading everything you have to offer, it is so very encouraging. I also want to learn all aspect’s of my craft. I would like for you to be my coach. I’m willing to do my part. thank you sincerely, Geraldine

  2. Great list sometimes less is more

  3. You are precious in His sight….His love is evident in you and I am thankful to get see a tiny part of what He’s doing in you…this ministered to me…Thank you.

    In Him,

  4. Tammy,

    You’re a great role model and provide excellent insight.

    Love is the best virtue, and I’m never going to tell anyone I love them over the computer anymore until I meet them physically, fall in love, and make it real.

    As you can tell, I’ve been hurt this way too many times and am not doing it anymore..

    I’m sorry for my spill, but this is how I felt at the moment.


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