Update on Goldie

I’ve had various inquiries about Goldie, the homeless dog.

Did we take her back to her bridge? well…in short, no.
I was planning to, but then the morning of Easter when it was time to go feed the homeless downtown, I peered out the
window and saw Goldie curled up into a ball next to my black lab, Nicky. She was sleeping soundly. “Let’s just leave her here another week,” I told my husband. He gave me that look….
Bottom line – Goldie is still with us, at the house. Sigh…my dog fell in love with her (seriously) and I can’t stand to break his heart.  I am a sap for love.  So while we are in Paris she and Nicky the black lab will be playing (tearing up) the backyard…stay tuned for more…

Homelessness Hurts

Greetings everyone.

If you’re reading this, chances are that I am in the air, above you, on the flight to Paris to meet with the international publishers of The Compass.  Think of me.

I did a writers workshop for the homeless last week and a man walked up and asked if he could read a poem.  Six of us stood around and listened, and it was amazing to see how it impacted the other homeless guys, who were all ages and races. The author is a homeless man named Ricky Redd.

Homelessness Hurts

I took a walk through Downtown Dallas the other day
I was amazed at what I saw as I went along my way
There was a man, who looked as if he’d been walking in
dirt, Let me tell you something
Homelessness Hurts

He said, “Hey man, can you spare a dime?”
I said, “I’m sorry sir, But I don’t have anything to spare
at this time.”
I said, “Say, why don’t you try and find some work?”
He said, “I would if I could, but you see,
Homelessness Hurts.”

I continued walking, on down the street,
and saw an elderly woman, with no shoes on her feet
She was wearing an old worn out blouse and skirt
Let me tell you something,
Homelessness Hurts

It’s sad because some say we are just worthless bums,
who lost our ambition and don’t care what we become.
But what about you?
Are you a paycheck away?

Maybe you’ll be coming to the street one day.

Looking around corners, to see what lurks,
and then you’ll know first hand,
How homelessness hurts.

Your Compass Moment?

One of the most important life lessons in the book The Compass is that true strength, comes from brokenness. I love that word.


Even the word itself has power.

But what does it really mean?

I’ve learned that strength is defined so differently for everyone. Some were raised to believe strength is about never crying, manliness, being tough or calm or silent or still in all circumstances. Some believe it’s brawn. I believe it’s breaking, allowing yourself to be broken, and still surviving.

I also know there are many definitions that are individual for each of us.

I see a broken, homeless man on the street who t ells me he cannot survive another day and I say “baby steps,” and I think of those words in my own struggles. Sometimes those are the only steps we can take! I think of a man I know mired in depression, or another friend acting out in unhealthy ways that he regrets later, or a young woman desperately seeking marriage, who just doesn’t know if she’ll ever find the right one. I think of the strength it takes to survive any individual personal wound, and then the strength it takes to survive the big ones. My friend Mercedes was one of just 4 survivors of an airplane crash that claimed hundreds of lives. Not sure why I’m writing about this whilst sitting in an airport about to board a plane, but she is a true example of strength and being able to overcome the big things, the insurmountable life changing compass shifting moments of our lives.

“I am not sure I can survive another day,” a gang member slash friend living on the street told me recently.

“You’ve survived life this far, and you’ve lived through a lot already,” I said. “So yes, you can.”

True strength, comes from brokenness. Probably because God gives you what you need to become aware of new things, enabling you to see the world through a different lens.

Life is a series of peaks, and valleys.

Au revoire

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Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story