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I just returned from my New York Publishing meetings. As always, the city was a whirlwind. I don’t really consider what I do as work, because I’m living my dream. And my goal in my writing is to help everyone else live theirs. Traveling to the city was a merging of my two worlds, toddler land and books. As always, I traveled with the two boys in tow. They love the city – especially Times Square. The lights, the stimulation, the energy. We’d experience it all for a couple of hours and then rush back to the hotel, climb in bed, and order room service. I wasn’t feeling well so I had hot tea with honey, and did my best to look human at my publisher breakfasts. McGraw Hill gave me my latest book, which I saw in print for the very first time. That’s always an exciting moment. It’s a gorgeous hard cover of a man in a suit, sitting on the beach in a chair. The dichotomy of that image is great! Because when I was in a suit, in the corporate world, I was always dreaming about sitting on the beach anyways, lost in my head at some fabulous oceanfront resort, in the midst of a sales meeting. Now I get to write about the daydream I had years prior. (Oh, here’s where my publishers want me to mention the name of the book – There’s More to Life Than the Corner Office, and more importantly, The Compass! Please read that one because it will change a lot of lives. More on that later.)

Anyhow, I have escaped the corporate world, so to speak. But now I write about it on this blog. I don’t think I want to escape suburbia, necessarily. I think I should be grateful for suburbia, since it’s a far cry from who I am inside. I’m more of a write in the jungle, write in the woods, write when the kids are throwing ketchup on the walls, write all the time, sort of person, and I’m darn lucky to be accepted in suburbia. It seems no one has discovered I’m an impostor… (more…)

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Me & Jerry

Me & Jerry

This is a photo of me and one of my closest friends, Jerry.  He has touched my life in many ways.  I’m lucky he doesn’t have a computer because he would be angry with me for posting it.  He doesn’t have a computer, a home, a car, or any of the comforts we all enjoy each day.  Jerry is homeless, and this photo was taken in front of my house.

Jerry is a representation of one of my major life beliefs.  You are not what you do, you are who you are.

This year, this principle has become more and more apparent in my own life.


All that matters is LOVE.

I sat with a friend recently, talking. My friend scribbled something and pushed a note across the table. It said simply: “All that matters is love. Expressing faith, through love.”


Now it seemed to me at the time, that my friend was trying to make a point. (stop talking, stop doing, stop reading, stop everything and start loving!) But it was a valid point and one I’ve received a lot lately, from different messengers. Love, is the answer. Not the kind of love that comes from your heart, because your heart lies. “Follow your heart,” is a myth. This is sure to be confusing for most of us.



Sometimes what we think we know we do not. Sometimes things are presented to you in a way in which you are lured in, believing everything to be true and light, when really your eyes have simply adjusted to the darkness.


It’s like walking into a dark theater, where it’s impossible to see the seating. You stand frozen inside the doorway, waiting, and then eventually the room comes into view. At first you can see the shadows of the seat backs, then, after another moment, you are able to walk and easily traverse the aisles. You find your way, because your eyes have adjusted to the darkness. Life is that way too. We are light, and when we’re exposed to darkness our souls are on alert. Red flag! Beware! But if you press forward, ignoring that internal warning, you soon find yourself enveloped in it. Maybe even you like the darkness a little bit. Maybe you’re confident that you can step back into the light.

That’s how a mirage in the desert must be. In my new book The Compass, ( for pre-order) the main character has stepped out into the Nevada desert after a tragedy that thrust him into the darkness. I’ve never loved the desert so I don’t know why he begins his journey there, except that it’s how I envisioned Jesus, the most famous explorer in the world, on the same path. Aren’t we all in the desert sometimes? We are at times on the highest mountain top, with the blaring glow of a sunset behind us, and at others in the dry sand, parched and thirsting. In the book Jonathan’s life has become a mirage. An image of things he once knew. Has your life become that way? Is it time to step back and try to decipher what’s real, and what’s not? Is it time to let go of the darkness, of any potential thing that could hold you back (maybe it’s as simple as a limiting belief you picked up in childhood, or perhaps it’s an aura of judgment, or pride) before it infects your soul in some small way?

My father killed himself.


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Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story