Health Supplements: Good or evil?

Like anything, too much of a good thing might just be too much. I was standing in my kitchen this morning about to take a handful of vitamins, when Keith called from the homeless shelter.

“You don’t ever take two multi-vitamins a day, do you?”

I stood there in my pajamas, a warm fire roaring, and he stood on the concrete floor on the other end, with a line of homeless guys behind him impatiently waiting for the phone.

I had not told him about the vitamins, but he had at one point gotten a degree in nutrition,

and vitamins were on his mind.

“That’s not good for you if you do,” he finished.

“Well… I…as a matter of fact…”

I HAD taken more than one multi on different days; I suppose to “catch” up when I felt as

if I’d been abusing my body. I admitted this to Keith and he gave me a lecture on nutrition that could have been something I’d paid for by a licensed professional standing in the front of a seminar room.

I appreciated it, put down the multiple multi’s and listened to my friend and his wisdom. He was right. Sometimes less is more.

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Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story